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Audio Device Distributor for audio electronics, buzzer systems, electronic buzzers, audio speakers, minature speakers micro speakers and microphones.

Surface Mount Transducers

Magnetic Transducers

Magnetic Buzzers

Piezo Buzzers

External Drive Piezo Transducers

Self Drive Piezo Transducers

Speakers (Miniature General Purpose and Micro/Miniature Low Profile


Surface Mount Transducers: mobile phones, PDAs, pagers, and other wireless communication devices where board space is at a premium
Piezo Buzzers: alarms, warning devices, automobile alarms, pest deterrents, computer devices, telephones, toys and games
External and Self Drive Piezo Transducers
Speakers: miniature general purpose, micro/miniature low profile speakers

We offer a wide variety of Magnetic Transducers, Magnetic Buzzers, Speakers and Microphones.


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