Thermal Management

Distributor for Chomerics.

Distributor for MG and Thermashield, E-RIDE offers thermally conductive materials available in-stock. Epoxy, Adhesives and Silicone.

  • Fans
  • Heatsinks
  • Thermally Conductive Materials
  • Adhesives


* Sizes from 25mm to 120mm
* 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V DC input voltages
* Various speed options
* UL, CSA, CE and TUV approved
* Options for thermal control, tachometer output, and restart
* Industry standard connectors available

Heatsinks: Board Level Stamped Heat Sinks, Extruded Heat Sink, Stamped Heat Sinks, Bonded and Folded Fin Heat Sinks.

We offer heat sinks and fan/heat sink assemblies to cool processors up to 2.0 GHz including Pentium III and 4, and AMD Athlon up to 1.5 GHz. Socketed processors, Xeon, Flip-chip, and BGA cooling devices.

Stamped Heat Sinks in aluminum or solderable tabs; small extruded heat sinks with preinserted solderable pins, and including interface pads.

Bonded, folded fin, and extruded heat sinks in extensive variety of standard and custom configurations.

Thermal Management: High performance thermal interface materials available from recognized suppliers including Bergquist, Chomerics, Power Devices, and Warth; thermal resistance from 0.07 to 0.5 C/W; available with or without adhesive; thermally conductive adhesives in one- or two-part systems.

BGA and QFP integrated heat spreaders; wide assortment of retention and attachments in both standard and custom configurations.

Adhesives: Silver Conductive Epoxy, Fast Set Epoxy, Super Cyanoacrylate Adhesive, Thermally Conductive RTV Silicone, Projection Tube Coolant, Thermally Conductive Epoxy, Carbon Conductive Grease and Silicone Heat Transfer.


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